What fears me the most is letting you be happy with someone else. But I should be grateful for having you as a special friend which is better than I expected. 2010 would expires soon and 2011 for me is a new beginning (I’m like this since 2007) ending the 3 year crusade with myself. Thank you for being part of this endeavor I took just to manage the passing of days in confusion. I treasured every moment i spent talking with you. That small grin when I say ‘oi oi’, to that big laugh you were supposed to hear if I had my mic on. There’s too much to tell but in the end what I want you to know is that I am thankful that you replied a whisper when I first whispered at you because everything started with that simple Hello. ^_^

Don’t ever be a sidekick to your crush…

He has his best friend for that.

He can hire a wingman/wingwoman for that.

He can make his own pick-up lines for that.

But never ever be a sidekick.

Because when all efforts to be so close, and I mean being close in a wrong angle,

It will definitely SUCK!

So suck up, and be your own wingman.

Be your own ride.

and be someone you are, making it clear what you want from him.

Not a best friend.

Not a wingman.

But someone who can CRUSH* back!

*(out of profanity for LOVE if there’s such a thing)

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Level 21 plang ako!!! HIRAP!!!


I’ve been meaning to upload a cover… and I finally did, lol. Hope it’s not too bad! Please enjoy or just follow the song if you feel like singing! :D Asher Book’s TRY cover… :)

How come it ended abruptly? CHEERS BRO! UR the nEXT SUPERSTAH!!! :)

You know its love when you are willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy.


Is this really how it’s supposed to be? … FIGHT… and LIVE, HOPE to love another. Have Faith that one person does not take the very inch of yourself and if it does… THEN FIGHT!!! lol :)


I remember what we had that night. I can’t believed such a stranger would moved me to do stupid things like running away. But at the end of the endearing glimpse, I was left with a pressure ball you and I both touched that day. It was a meaningless gesture but again for me it was what you left me with —HOPE.


Too much chondroitin my epiphysis aches.

But this nostalgia is sickening that I distaste any pleasure right now.

Thanks to my very first DOUBLE DOWN from KFC ( with Roland and Aubrey) I had a great lunch date!!!!